Custom Built PoolsArquinoias Pools is a builder of the finest premium concrete swimming pools. All of our work is custom designed and made to suit each particular client.

We have no pre defined “pool packages” or prices list. All pools are quoted and speced out on a case by case basis. First we need to meet you and see the site and get your exacting requirements. Then the magic happens. See more here..

Concrete Pools

If you are after a custom designed and built swimming pool, you have come to the right place. Please contact us today for a free consultation, measure and quote. We also have a folio of some of the best pools in the country – built by us.

More info on our concrete pools here..

In-Ground Pools

For the best result, we would recommend getting an in ground pool. The finish is better, they take less space, while giving the best and most lasting effect. See here..

Above-Ground Pools

Sometimes in-ground pools are not an option. When that is the case, you had better choose the right company to build you an above ground pool. See what we can do here..

More Info
If you need more information on the best practices in the swimming pool constructuion industry, please see The Association of Pool & Spa Professionals. While the industry is not regulated, they do have codes of practice for the better companies.
If you are in Australia and need a service like ours, see our friends at Urban Swimming Pools Melbourne. They also build great custom pools.
We do get a lot of enquiries about consumables and equipment for pools. We don’t provide these but recomend all of our clients to www.poolsupplies.com. They have a great range for any budget.
Similarly, we don’t provide cleaning services. Try some of the providers on this page at the IPSSA website. Most there can help and there will be someone in your area.



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